Living Biome Essentials Duo (Probiotic)

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How to use – Steps 2 and 3 – PM after “Conditioning

Apply 1 pump of the Living Biome Essentials Serum to the palm of a clean hand and immediately follow with 3-4 sprays of Activating Mist. Gently mix the two products. Your Xycrobes are now activated. Once activated, massage gently to cleansed and conditioned skin of the face and neck. Xycrobes will engraft, or adhere, on and in the skin and begin to release Bioessentials overnight.

*Product can be placed up to the lash line – avoid direct eye contact.


The Living Biomes Essentials Serum features Xycrobe technology, a first-ofits-kind, living proprietary strain of C. acnes defendens, a highly beneficial, skin native bacteria. This anhydrous, oil-based formulation is essentially a “skin biome in a bottle” as it provides not only the living Xycrobe technology, but also the environment in which the Xycrobes can live and thrive. Coupled with Activating Mist, a prebiotic, this is even more
true. The water in the Activating Mist awakens the Xycrobes from dormant state and the arabinose (Xycrobe specific sugar) triggers the genetic switch that signals the Xycrobes to spend less energy growing and replicating and more energy producing and releasing copious amounts of Bioessentials.



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