Glamorous hair and clear skin are seen as attractive and often the desire of many women and men. Since not everyone is naturally blessed with these characteristics, various products have come on the market to help people achieve the look they dream of.

In certain cases, in which the skin and hair are suffering from disease or disorders such as psoriasis acne or hair loss, additional measures must be taken.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life. 

Problems with the skin or hair such as :-

Redness, sensitivity, dry skin, acne, skin wrinkling or thinning hair are often very visible, making life potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable for sufferers. 

To combat such problems effectively, dietary supplements can be used.  Dietary supplements help support the function and appearance of skin and hair in a natural way that leads to more attractive appearance and increased confidence.

Problems such as Hair loss, Acne and Psoriasis can be dealt efficiently with topical products, adding nutrients are a healthy way to begin to target these conditions used In addition to conventional products such as topical creams and washes to make significant contribution to healthy hair and healthy skin.

Healthy skin begins with amino acids

Since many nutrients, especially amino acids are needed in the body’s own processes for healthy skin and hair structure, an additional administration of appropriate supplements can enhance the effects and can even lead improved complexion and more healthy hair. 

Several studies have already demonstrated that natural nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and amino acids significantly impact the health and appearance of skin and hair. This explains why they are being increasingly used as beauty enhancers.

Nutrients can also be used for therapeutic purposes – it is possible to fight diseases such as inflammation or psoriasis with the help of certain dietary supplements.

Nourishment for the skin from Nutrakos Amino acid daily supplement provides  immediate bio availability, meaning they are rapidly absorbed. It is the precise composition to ensure protein synthesis. Day by day, it stimulates elastin and collagen production, promoting connective tissue regeneration and improve skin elasticity.

Nutrakos works to preserve heathy hair and nails and maintain and protect skin wellbeing.

 Aging skin Loses fibroblasts starts collapsing and loses the elastic properties

Younger skin and Older skin

So far, the approach of improving the quality of dermis has always been focusing on how to improve the proteins in the dermis with a “nonspecific” approach, by stimulating fibroblasts in general. However, this non-physiological stimulation can lead to stress and exhaustion of the fibroblast, the collagen producing cell.

Research and development are now focusing on the way to regenerate collagen and elastin production  through a perfectly physiological process by providing a specific and precise mix of all its constituents , this is available in a daily shot – Nutrakos

Studies carried out by the Italian company Professional Dietetics have identified the precise qualitative and quantitative Amino Acid formula, that together with Hyaluronic Acid can promote the physiological production of collagen and elastin.

The specific AA combination can Stimulate the collagen producing cells `fibroblasts` to produce these components, and of regenerating new young fibroblasts producing a complete mix of collagens to repair and strengthen the skin.

Nutrakos Amino Acid formula is available as a Food Supplement for daily use: –

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The diagram above is an ultrasound image showing health soft and elastic skin.

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