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Beaute Pacifique UK

Since the beginning of 1997, the Danish skincare range, Beauté Pacifique, has grown into an internationally recognised brand that beauty experts and super models swear by.

Effect and documentation are the two indispensable principles in the whole concept of the skincare products from Beauté Pacifique, a Danish skin care that effectively works on both age degeneration and sun damage.

In 1997 when the first vitamin A cream, Crème Metamorphique by Beaute Pacifique was available to the market, it was the only skincare product in the world to be able to document the ability to significantly rejuvenate skin.

The skin care products are made to fulfill near-medical claims and the claimed benefits can be demonstrated objectively using ultrasound-scanning “before and after”

Do you want a healthy skin with a clear and even skin tone or perhaps you have eczema, dry or spotty skin, psoriasis or rosacea which are some of the skin problems many people suffer from and live with every single day? For some people, the skin ailments can be so bothersome that it limits them in their daily life.

But it doesn’t have to be like that…..

In terms of effectiveness, the skincare products are on the borderline between a cosmetic and medical product. This means that the products can really make a difference for your skin, whether you experience big or small skin problems daily.

Beauté Pacifique we want to help everyone who wishes a more healthy and strong skin. We know that skin problems can affect the social life for both adults and children, so they aim was to develop skin care products that in terms of effectiveness are on the borderline between a cosmetic and medicinal product.

In this range you find products that can make a difference for many different skin problems…